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Wedding planning can be stressful and it totally doesn’t have to be!
Through trial and error, planning my own wedding as well as observing my close friends while they planned theirs, I came up with 10 super helpful hints I hope other future brides can benefit  from.

1. Don’t be a Super Bride

I remember the second I got engaged spending every waking moment on Pinterest, planning, writing, researching, thinking, searching about everything that involved wedding planning.
It’s great to be on top of things, but you’ve heard this before and it couldn’t be anymore true it’s ONE DAY and then it’s over.
Not to sound pessimistic, it’s absolutely a special day for sure, but it comes and goes so so quickly.
You can’t do everything yourself, that’s why you have bridesmaids, people love to help.
Have a girls night, get some wine and snacks and tackle those wedding favors or whatever else you need to do.
Dedicate specific days in the month to have a NWTD (that’s a no wedding talk day.)
This is especially needed with your fiance, you guys need to have fun and not plan and stress about wedding plans.

2. Don’t go DIY insane

I’m not a crafty person at all, I tried doing a lot of the decorations myself, I didn’t have a mom or sisters to get excited with me and help. It was my bridesmaids and me doing it all. Honestly from experience, I really want people to take away from this, no one remembers the cute little center piece or what table cloths you used.
People remember the food, music, the speeches and the dress. That’s really it in a nutshell.
So don’t go DIY crazy, it’s OK to have a more minimal wedding and not stress and overspend on unnecessary things that are going to be dumped out the next day.

3. Don’t overspend for booze but don’t be too cheap either

I think the best way to do any sort of bar if your going this route is to hire a bartender, pay a flat rate, provide a certain amount of alcohol and give out $2 tickets.
That way people can’t over drink, there’s a limited amount, you pay a flat rate and everyone gets a discount. The bartender has been paid, any money from the tickets can go towards the bride and groom who already purchased all the drinks or their families did.
It’s the easiest way I thought. Some people beg to differ and provide totally free drinks, but depending on the crowd your having, that can turn into something too wild. It’s for some people, wasn’t for me.

4. Don’t overspend on food if it isn’t that important to you.

Really figure out if food is something special to you or not.
I’ve had friends that considered food to be the most important for their wedding. Their families expect fancy meals and they are willing to put a lot of money into that and that’s awesome.
For me, that didn’t mean a ton, I feel like people eat then its done and it wasn’t something I felt like investing a ton of money into to be perfectly honest.
We just hired Safeway to cater a ton of appetizers which worked awesome. We rented plates and cutlery and we got some people to volunteer in the kitchen to do dishes.
We spent most of the money on the venue because that was important to me, pictures and scenery are everything.
Food wasn’t, it is for some as I said and that’s totally OK.
If your like me and food is not that important, serve a ton of appetizers we only spent about $1000 on food and it fed people.
Also we were able to add extra people, provided we had enough chairs because we weren’t paying per plate which I really liked, this works if you have unsure guests.

5. Don’t invite out of obligation

Invite who you want to invite. Do NOT feel obligated to invite your mothers aunts second cousins daughter. No. It’s your wedding, people understand that weddings are expensive especially if your having a catered meal. Don’t feel obligated to invite people just because or you feel pressured.
Invite who you and your fiance want to since its your wedding.

6. Don’t hire someone just because it’s a family friend

Don’t pick vendors, photographers or anything out of obligation just because it’s a loved ones friend that’s offering a good deal. I’ve experienced first hand with close friends in the past that have succumb to hiring someone because it’s a family friend or they offered a good deal and it’s turned into a disaster.
Really pick who you and your fiance want.
There’s a nice way to politely decline and people need to respect that.

7. Don’t forget about your maids.

They are standing up next to you on your special day don’t forget to get them a little something to show your appreciation.
Ask them in a sentimental way.
I got wine bottles and put a funny quote on each bottle asking the girls to be my bridesmaids. The wine bottle after use can be used for sentimental value.
One of my friends in the past wrote us all letters and gave us a bracelet to show her appreciation.
Don’t forget about the girls!

8. Don’t obsess over your looks

It’s great to get fit, get a tan even, but don’t obsess over it.
As women, were always going to look back and regret some things or think about how we could have looked better.
However the day isn’t all about that.
Be healthy and don’t go unhealthy or obsessed about your appearance.
Your husband will love you irregardless and won’t notice the extra 5 pounds on you.

9. Don’t wait to the last minute to do certain beauty trials.

I made the mistake of waiting way to close to my wedding to get my eyelashes done. I really did not like them and had no time or the funds to get them redone. Again, it’s just my eyelashes a silly thing that shouldn’t make me upset over and I am over it now.
However I realized in hindsight I could have gotten better lashes for less cost had I not left that til last minute.
In fact leaving a lot of things to last minute, especially if you had a short engagement like I did can be devastating.
Of course in the end you’ll have to take a deep breathe and make peace with what can’t be, but if its stuff that’s really important to you, don’t leave it to the last minute.

10. Don’t feel obligated to get real extravagant flowers.

I bought latex flowers off eBay for literally 1/4 of the cost, they didn’t go bad, they looked great in photos and quite frankly I am allergic to most flowers and they aren’t important to me at all. Some women may gasp because that’s the most important thing which is totally fine! However if your like me and flowers aren’t a super big deal, don’t stress over it.
It’s a huge investment and a big part of the budget for something that isn’t that important or that will wilt or die. So don’t worry about pleasing people by getting flowers just because, don’t invest a ton if you don’t want to.
Use palm trees, pick some flowers your self, buy some eucalyptus and mix it with latex flowers.
Try something different and less expensive.

Our Latex White Roses (Fake flowers CAN look good)
Photo By our wonderful photographer, Sharalee Prang Photography


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