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I grew up going to Jamaica, my family on my mother’s side was from there.
I’ve stayed with family, stayed in all inclusive resorts and even went to bible school out there.
Since Jamaica’s economy mostly relies on tourism, there’s almost an overwhelming amount of things to do there.
Being from North America, the dollar difference isn’t huge either, so things can get pretty expensive.
Through trial and error, I have come up with my absolute favorite things to do while staying in Jamaica.
I provided links to the sites I find the most helpful as far as giving details and pricing.
These 10 things I think are absolutely worth the money and will provide you, your friends, your spouse and/or your family a memorable visit to the island.

1. Duns River Falls

This beautiful waterfall is located in Ocho Rios, Jamaica.
The island itself is pretty small, you could tour the entire island quickly within a couple days.
So getting to and from places although can take up to an hour depending where your situated, isn’t too bad.
This little hike definitely requires water shoes.
If your not super fit, that’s OK, they provide a ton of help climbing up the rocks.
It’s within the trees, it’s peaceful, it’s fun, the Jamaicans make it very memorable.
Hotels usually offer a fair bus ride there combine with the price of the falls.

2. Negril Cliff Jumping

This cliff is located in Negril.
It’s attached to Ricks Cafe which is a very famous tourist area.
There’s spots to just hangout, eat and grab drinks.
The beaches in the area are beautiful, so you don’t just have to cliff jump.
The cliff jumping itself is free, there are Jamaicans that go off 40ft cliffs doing back flips that wouldn’t mind a tip though!

3. ZipLine

This can be done in almost any country all over the world, but something about ziplining in Jamaica, in the jungle is a totally different experience.
This isn’t the cheapest adventure to go on, but it’s definit


4. Blue Mountain Hiking

This is for more skilled hikers, I especially caution those with asthma, like myself.
The humidity can get bad, especially up in the mountains among the bushes.
Bring lots of water and make sure to go in some sort of group.


5. Swim With Dolphins & Ride Camel Back

This is located in Ocho Rios. This is obviously a more expensive activity, but the experience of swimming with dolphins also provides an opportunity to ride camel back too, which you can’t do in a lot of places!


6. Rafting on the Martha Brae

This activity is in Montego Bay, it’s not the cheapest, but who can beat quietly sailing along the river while a local paddles you along!


7. Green Grotto Caves

Super neat caves to explore even with a rock themed lounge.


8. Doctors Cave Beach

Again, another bar there called Margaritaville, this beach is in Montego Bay, there is usually a fee to get in, but it provides a private, safe beach that gives tourists a break from the hotel view.
Also the beach is located within a busy street called the Hip Strip.

9. The Hip Strip

Located by Doctors Cave Beach in Montego Bay, this strip has tons of shops you can do a ton of shopping for and grab some deals. Haggling is possible, so get ready to bargain!


10. Kayaking

Most hotels will provide kayaking, it’s fairly inexpensive, again another activity one can do almost anywhere around the world.
However, nothing beats kayaking over the beautiful Caribbean ocean.


If your wondering why I never mentioned scuba diving or parasailing it’s because I find it’s too expensive and not worth the experience.
I would suggest going to Mexico for those activity’s.

There are other attractions I didn’t mention, which for me are a little less interesting but I’ll note them.
The James Bond Beach where they filmed the old James Bond, it’s located at Oracabessa.
Bob Marley Museum located in Nine Mile




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