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Bridal showers can be tricky, especially when your merging different friend groups and family of the bride.
It doesn’t have to be stressful though!
I’ve had the privilege of planning a bridal shower or three…
Here are some fun games that have brought everyone together to create a successful bridal shower and most importantly, made a very happy bride!

Game #1: “Guess who brought the lingerie”

This game is fun because it gives the bride the opportunity to not only prove how well she knows her friends, but gets a little bit of bridal embarrassment.
Hang the lingerie throughout the room and have her guess who brought which piece.
For every answer she gets wrong, she has to try on the lingerie and do a little show for everyone.
It’s fun, it’s silly and can bring anyone together.
If your mother in law is there, maybe don’t want to play this game, in which case maybe skip the trying on the lingerie part!

Game #2: “Pin the tail on the groom”

This game is another fun one and especially entertaining for those that are just watching.
You can print out a picture of the grooms face, put it on a funny body that you can glue or tape together.
Whether your pinning a hat, a ring or whatever you choose on the groom is up to you!
Have two teams, go through spinning each person and seeing how close they get.
At the end, whichever team has a member that got the closest could win a prize!

Game #3: “The bubble gum game”

This one is probably my favorite. It gives a chance for the bride to really prove how well she knows the groom and their relationship.
It’s also very entertaining for those who are watching.
In advance, the bridesmaids will have to ask the groom a series of questions.
I’ll provide a list here you can copy and paste should you want to use these:
1. What is the one thing the bride (fill in brides name) can’t live without?
2. What was the brides first job?
3. What is the bride’s most prized possession?
4. If she were a superhero, what would she be?
5. What is her favorite song?
6. What do you love most about the bride?
7. Where was your first date with the bride?
8. Where was your first kiss with the bride?
9. Who said “I love you first”
10. Who starts the first argument
11. Who will most likely get lost?
12. Who will control the remote?
13. Who is most likely to get injured
You can create other funny questions or more risky ones if you know what I mean!

Game #4. Have a pinata, because, why not?

Fill it with candy or other “things”

Game #5. “Dirty little story!”

Last, but certainly not least, this one is hilarious!
Have one of your guests write down what the bride says as she opens each of her presents. When she has opened all of the presents have the guests read her reactions back to her as if it were a dialogue from their honeymoon night. Everyone will surely get a laugh! Make sure to record this on video so that you can see her blush over and over again.

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