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“I made $11,000 last month from my blog”, you see this and think “that’s too good to be true” or “how and where do I sign up!?”
You click, search and still cannot quite understand how these people are doing this.
Perhaps some of you think it’s a scam to get views.
If you are just as confused as I was on how the heck bloggers actually made money, worry no more!
I have created this post to explain simply how bloggers make money.
I’m sure many of you are in the same boat as I was and just could not comprehend how a person profited from creating blog posts.
I admit, I first thought it something “scam like”.
I was not into doing any of that, which is a huge reason why blogging turned me off.
I am so glad I came across a couple blogger websites that explained in more detail how they actually profited from creating content on their website.
I hope this post simplifies this complex question that so many people struggle with.

1. Affiliate Marketing

One way bloggers make money is by contacting websites that do online adds , apply and have these adds shown on their site.
When people click and purchase things related to the adds, the blogger will receive a portion of that.
Companies for example like, Google Adsense, Amazon Affiliates, Bluehost and Convertkit support this.
Some bloggers completely disagree with this method and don’t want to plaster adds all over their site which is totally fine!
However it’s a way for bloggers to help out companies as well as gain an income, it’s a method I strongly encourage for first time bloggers


2. Ebooks

Another way is for bloggers to broadcast their eBooks.
I found these two videos super helpful with a full tutorial on how to create, upload and sell an eBook.


3. Amazon Products

Becoming an affiliate with Amazon which I talk about here, allows a blogger to input products within their blog posts where they make a percentage of the price.
Now, taking it a step further, bloggers can create their own product through Amazon and feature it on their blog.
I hope to create a product and sell it on Amazon within the next year, it’s a lot of work and way more starting income, so it’s a long term goal as of now.
Here’s some of my favorite videos I found the most helpful for creating your own products on Amazon.

Stephen from Project Life Mastery has amazing videos on how he crushes the Amazon niche and makes thousands of dollars every month.
I strongly recommend his videos for anything Amazon related.


4. Web Tutorials

Once bloggers gain popularity, they begin to charge for their video tutorials for how they grew their blog and gained a substantial income.
The woman that motivates me in this area, which I hope to one day do as well is the wonderful Melyssa Griffin


5. Freelance

Another great way bloggers can earn extra income is by freelance writing. Basically individuals or businesses will contact the blogger/writing requesting them to write about their products or the experience they had involving that business or individual.
Freelance is a super broad area for bloggers, it can be profitable enough for a blogger to solely rely on this as income.
It does take a lot of time to build your resume with the various clients you work with, but it can be fun especially if you love writing about deeper topics.
It’s a great way to support local business, some freelance writers even get to travel for free just to write on a subject.


Of course there are other ways to making an income online, however these are the ones that stuck out to me most, made the most sense and didn’t seem overly complicated or “Scam like”.

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Do any of these methods stand out to you?
If so, which one seems like a possibility for you right now?

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