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When I begun my adventure and began researching the costs involved with creating a blog, so many sites were very vague, or didn’t mention price at all.
A few were quite upfront and I was so relieved to actually figure out how much it would cost me.
I want to be just as upfront and have nothing hidden.
I want you to actually know how much it will cost as you consider this life changing decision your facing.
Please read the entire blog, especially the end, if anything and don’t be intimidated by the bold numbers.
It may seem like a lot, however again, at least wait until the end of the post to let me explain, it won’t seem as bad, I promise.

let me break it down for everyone.

  1. Purchasing a Domain Name (your websites name) $3.95/month using Bluehost.
    The best part about this company is if it doesn’t work for you, you can back out at anytime.

  2. $60 for a theme for your website. (this can vary depending on which theme you purchase).

  3. Convertkit for email subscriptions $30 a month until you breach over 1k of followers, the website automatically grows with your site, 1k-3k equals to be $50 a month, not much more money for that much more followers.
    You may think this is a lot for an email list, but you get what you pay for. Anything cheaper or less will either crash, be unreliable, send your readers spam or more.
    It may seem disappointing the price increases, but it’s a great thing because that means your traffic is growing and probably so is your bank account!

  4. BoardBooster that automatically loads your pins on Pinterest for you, $5 a month

  5. PicMonkey to professionally edit photos, create pins and Instagram photos without needing to have graphic design or Photoshop experience, $4.99 a month.

  6. Last but certainly not least, hiring a web designer or graphic designer to configure your site how you want.
    If you aren’t tech savvy, even though WordPress doesn’t require you to know how to code everything to create your site, it does require people to have a know how on how to design the site.
    If you aren’t on a time crunch, enjoy reading instructions and want to download yourself a theme, install it and fiddle around with it that’s totally fine.
    I was on a time crunch nearing the holiday seasons, which I thought was a perfect time to enter into the blogging world, also I can code a bit, but having to write tons of articles and create photos for social media is a ton of work. I had a job as well at the hospital so I did not have time to create my entire website.
    This portion is long because I don’t want anyone to fall off their chairs, but I want to be honest because a couple sites I came across were definitely misleading about the startup costs to have a website designed.
    Expect to pay $500-$750. This is what most people charge to create a great functioning site.
    Wait before you exit this page!

You can save hundreds by contacting Mortar & Clay
You can get a blog made for as little as $100 with their flexible rates, they can customize the price based on your budget.
Not a lot of web designers do this.

So let’s say worst case scenario, you don’t end up going with Mortar & Clay.
In total lets say paying the absolute most to have a successful blog would be
Remember, if your broke or funds aren’t great, at least $750 for the website could be broken up into monthly plans which leaves you with $201.20 to come up with per month for creating the most important thing about your blog, your website. Again, that huge number could be less which I talk about in my article You Don’t Have To Go Broke Building A Website
Lets be honest, if you love your Starbucks or TimHortons and buy a drink twice a week for 2 month, that is = $80
+ Eating out once a week is = $160
+ Entertainment (bowling, movies,)is = $80
+ Netflix which most people have is = $16.
OK I have exceeded that amount of $201.20 in two months by a lot because I am already at $336 of things we don’t really neeeed, it’s stuff we want.
So it is possible to break up the cost of creating a website and spreading it out over a few months.

So if you want to take blogging seriously and start a side hustle, your gonna have to sacrifice somethings, if you look at it from that perspective, giving up Starbucks, McDonald’s, the movies and other things is a sacrifice worth making if your able to launch a website and start making a profitable blog.

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Is your passion worth it to give up some familiar lifestyle comforts?
Did this seem like more or less then what you expected to pay?

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