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Feeling a little down lately or lacking some motivation?
Here are some ways I found really helpful when going through a difficult time in my life.
These little changes seriously changed my mood and day.
I hope others find these just as helpful as I did.

1. Read a whole book by a certain date and stick to it

2. Set a walking or running distance and time. Stick to it and complete it.
Any sort of exercise releases positive endorphins so any of these things will help you feel better about yourself in general.

3. Throw out junk, even if its not spring do a big clean of the garage, basement and/or attic. Throw out old papers, clean out your car(s), give away old clothes, it’s such a great feeling to declutter!

4. Make a vision board, it will help you see what goals you want to accomplish, maybe what trip you want to go on next, what inspires you, who you look up to or what habit you kick!

5. Create a budget, this will help you see it’s not hard to save and may inspire you to start changing your spending habits. I swear money is the thing that causes the most depression or relational issues, and it doesn’t have to! Altering this simply completely and instantly made me feel less stressed.

6. Give to a charity, even a dollar or pay it forward, it feels nice to give back its as simple as that.

7. Bake or cook something extravagant and new, this can be fun, crank the tunes, take pictures and make something that you don’t even have to share with anyone but yourself. You will fee accomplished.

8. Go off social media for a month if you can.
This will seriously help you focus on YOU and whats going on in your life and your life only and will eliminate the temptation of comparing yourself to others.

9. Call someone you haven’t talked to in a long time just to say hi, this is self explanatory, it’s nice to catch up with an old friend or someone just to chat.

10. Reminisce on kept cards , if you haven’t, start keeping your cards to look back on in the future . This is something I am so glad I did. I have a huge box of all and every card I have ever received. When I feel down or have conflict with others, looking back on old cards has helped me feel better and even give me a few laughs and even tears.

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Start by doing at least one of the exercises I listed here, which one can you start today?

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