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Making mistakes while blogging is inevitable, some mistakes can be quite the headache to resolve though.
I read a ton of articles from successful bloggers and came up with the 5 I feel are the most important.

1. DO NOT write about things your not passionate about. It will show.

I talked about this in another post briefly, but I’ll say it again, don’t write on cooking if you hate to cook.
Not only will you struggle to come up with original content, you will solely rely on the postings and pictures of others to add to your blog.
The good news is, IF you write about things you enjoy doing and are passionate about it will show.
You won’t have a problem promoting your blog and coming up with your own original content by writing on things your passionate about.


2. DO NOT create a blog through a free blogging site.

I know this sucks to hear, when I first realized I had to actually pay for a domain name, I admit I was frustrated.
Knowing you can build a blog site for free versus paying, we all tend to lean towards what we don’t have to pay for, however with blogging that shouldn’t be the case.
With a free site, your risking all of your content being taken down or deleted on a givens notice.
You don’t have a host that you can reach out to for help, your completely on your own.
You may not be able to put adds on your site because the type of site your using does not support that.
Should you want to put adds on your site, you might also be rejected because the company will see your site as unprofessional and not want their company associated to your site.
Another reason you should actually have a legitimate site is when you start getting an overload of traffic, should your site crash you want a reliable host that can help you.
There’s more factors then none that outweigh the benefits of paying for a site host.
One of the best hosting sites that so many bloggers rave about and the one I use is, Bluehost.
They’re awesome, easy to use, great customer service and totally affordable, need I say more?!
Another quick note, this has nothing to do with your actual site, but I want to really stress about not settling for a free email building site either.
Some of the most successful bloggers have all wrote about the headache using free email builders are.
They can send your subscribers spam, they can shut down at any time, IF it shuts down there is no way to transfer aaalllll your subscribers. You have to start over which would be detrimental to your loyal weekly viewers.
If you want to learn more about a reliable company that provides the best service for sending out emails that most successful bloggers use, click here.


3. DO NOT get an “all in one” software.

For example, anywhere that promotes that they can build your website, create an email list, design your website theme and so on, probably can’t.
It’s a frustrating truth to face, but your going to have to use multiple different companies for a successful blog.
For example,
Using Converkit which is the best platform for email subscriptions.
Use WordPress for creating a website, it’s currently the #1 website for bloggers.
Use  ThriveTheme for getting your website theme.
I have heard horror story’s of people using company’s that promise to be able to do everything yet are unable to deliver what they promised.
Unfortunately your going to have to go through different companies for everything.
The good news is the various companies specialize in that one or two particular categories and are experts at it!


4. DO NOT try and get traffic by boycotting Pinterest.

I know it seems like a lot of work creating multiple different pictures in Photoshop, having to muster up the confidence to try and join a group board etc.
You can try and rely solely on Facebook and Instagram to “drive” traffic, but unfortunately you will be very disappointed.
Pinterest right now is one of the best and free platforms for blog marketing.
The good news is there’s companies such as BoardBooster where you can schedule all your pins at a low cost per month.


5. DO NOT think blogging is easy & doesn’t require tons of time

This couldn’t be anymore false.
Blogging is a 24/7 job, if your not posting on Pinterest, your creating pictures on Photoshop, if your not doing that then your writing posts, if you aren’t writing then your emailing people back, if you aren’t emailing then your updating your Instagram and Facebook page and if you aren’t doing any of those then your blog is dead.
Haha, but no seriously, it’s a full time gig.
You have to listen to podcasts, read tons of articles, learn from successful bloggers, do research, figure out what works for you and what doesn’t.
The good news is hard work definitely pays off !


Hopefully these points didn’t discourage you, but rather help you on your blogging journey.
It’s good to learn mistakes from people that are successful, which is where I pulled all this information from.

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If you have any more tips on what not to do when first starting out, please feel free to leave a comment!

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