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Whether you hate running or not, many people if trained properly can run 5k.
I love running, always have.
For others who don’t love running, I know it’s not so easy.
I can only imagine the feeling of running a short distance and being exhausted and unable to carry on, 5k would feel so long.
I compare it to math, which I am horrible at and don’t enjoy at all.
Looking at a sheet of math equations seems the most daunting task, doesn’t matter how much I study, I never seem to get where I want to be.
The truth is, I did input a lot, a lot of hard work and studying in and passed the tests necessary for which career path I wanted to go towards.
The same can be applied to running, even if you don’t love it, you can find things about it you enjoy (running with good music, running outside and enjoying the sun, running indoors on a treadmill while watching TV) if we all put in the effort we can run 5k.
The funnest part is actually completing 5k, monitoring your time and beating your score.
I’d really recommend getting some sort of fitness tracker. Yes you can download apps, but they all use data, nobody wants to be charged for overages using data!
Not only does a fitness tracker monitor the amount of calories your burning, it also helps monitor your heart rate, some are made to be waterproof and it will sync to your phone which is awesome.
You can track how far you’ve run and how many calories you’ve burned.
If your serious about running, it’s an awesome gadget to have.
Here are a few I’d recommend:

Fitness Tracker (Waterproof)

Bluetooth Fitness Tracker

1. Sign Up For  Race

I think the best thing is to actually sign up for a race.
That way you have a deadline and you’ve made a promise to yourself as well as others.
Nobody likes to break their promises right!?
Now that you have set an expectation for yourself and that of others, you can begin to:
Meal plan (Lots of fruits, veggies, fiber & protein)
Lose or maintain a healthy weight (in a healthy way and within your BMI)
Begin walking / jogging regularly (5-7 times a week for 20 minutes)

2. Change Your Mind Set

Think of 5k as running 3.1 miles, its the same thing, just sounds less.
That has helped me not think of it as so long.
If you don’t regularly run, you need to try walking/jogging/hiking or running at least 3-5 times a week and work your way up from there.
If you already do exercise, continue and build up from there.
Once you have been exercising for a good month or two (depends on your starting level of fitness) then you can begin to actually start running/training and working your way up to running 3.1 miles.
This is what your weekly schedule should look like.
Week 1 –> Day 1 –> 1.5 miles. Day 2 –> 1.5 miles. Day 3 –> 2 miles
Week 2 –> Day 1 –> 2 miles. Day 2 –> 2 miles. Day 3 –> 2.5 miles
Week 3 –> Day 1 –> 2 miles. Day 2 –> 2.5 miles. Day 3 –> 3 miles
Week 4 –> Day 1 –> 2.5 miles. Day 2 –> 2.5 miles. Day 3 –> 3 miles
Week 5 –> Day 1 –> 2.5 miles. Day2 –> 2 miles. Day 3 –> Race 3.1 miles!

And from there as I said, you should comfortably be able to run 3.1 miles and each time you do, your week will look like this
Week 1 –> run 3.1 miles at (for example) 30 min
Week 2 –> run 3.1 miles at 25 minutes
Week 3 –> run 3.1 miles at 23 minutes
Week 4 –> run 3.1 miles at 20 minutes
Week 5 –> run 3.1 miles at 20 minutes
On average 20 minutes is a good amount of time it takes a good runner to run 5k.
Continue beating your time so now every time you run, your running that amount of time for that length of a duration.
You’ll get better and better once you are able to run 3.1 miles every time you run that length your time will be less.

3. Intervals

Another great way to train is by doing intervals on a treadmill.
Do 5 minutes of sprinting, 2 minutes of jogging, 1 minute of walking, then do the cycle all over again.

Then throw in there inclining to maybe 4 or 5 level for about 2 minutes going fast on the treadmill,
then slow it down for another 2 minutes
then incorporate both once your comfortable and ready.
3 minutes of sprinting, 2 minutes of jogging, 2 minutes on incline sprinting, 2 minutes jogging on incline, 1 minute of walking.
Do this cycle a few times which is another great way to train for your first 5k.

Running has so many cardiovascular benefits and the reward of training your mind and body to do a task is very rewarding.
Training by these methods will ensure you to be able to run you 5k or 3.1 mile race in no time!

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Again, if you scrolled past it, here are a few fitness trackers I’d highly recommend to anyone that is serious about getting fit, monitoring it, burning calories and maintaining good health.

Fitness Tracker (Waterproof)

Bluetooth Fitness Tracker

Feel free to comment if you decide today is the day you will begin your training!
Please leave a comment if you have any other training tips!

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