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So you want to blog? If your reading this you probably had a thought about starting your own blog, which turned into constantly doing research, to second guessing yourself and now your really interested but don’t know where to start.
The thing is, your not alone.
Starting a blog can be extremely intimidating, with so many different avenues you can go, it can all get so overwhelming.
When that “blogging itch” became way too much for me to control, I remember reading so much and not having any idea where to start.
Luckily, I came across one of the most helpful blogs, like ever, which helped me make a plan, figure out which direction I wanted to go, create goals and so much more.
This all lead me to finally launch my blog and now I want to help others, particularity women, overcome their fears to create their blog.

A little back story…

I work at the hospital in the laboratory and am currently enrolled to finish my degree for psychology. It’s a ways down the road, but my long term goal is to be able to help others rehabilitate and work through any obstacles their life or mind has created in order to lead a relatively normal and successful life!
Unfortunately 2017 was one of the hardest years of my life, I faced a lot of struggles with my marriage, I lost a few extremely close friends, I was left in a financial bind and didn’t know how to get out of it.
I was working at the hospital as a casual, anyone in the medical field knows how many hours it takes to build your seniority up to a full time position.
So although I had a great job, I didn’t have a ton of hours and after everything I had gone through most of that year, I developed sever anxiety issues where I longed to be able to work from home. I knew I wanted to work from home, I just didn’t know how.
I always loved writing, I had my own little blog on a free platform which was fun.
It wasn’t until my life was falling apart at the seams when I decided to take my passion for writing and turn it into something profitable.
The absolutely only reason I even considered starting a blog, was because of just one little Pinterest post, which took me to the author’s site, where I was absolutely moved by their story and shocked just how much they were making. I honestly can say had I not come across that particular post, I really don’t know if I would have gotten the courage to pursue my passion.
I also don’t believe I would have ever had the motivation to take on the unknown world of blogging, had I not gone through an extremely difficult season of my life.
I truly believe, when we are all alone, life has turned upside down and all things seem hopeless, is when we have two choices:
1) We can sit around in our sadness, anger, pain and feel sorry for ourselves, filling our lives with meaningless comforts such as Netflix, over sleeping, distracting ourselves and being unproductive
2) We can look at how terrible our lives our and think of solutions how WE can fix it, since we cannot control what everyone else will do.
I never forget what someone my Dad said to me, “Time is going to pass irregardless of what we do. Will you look back in 3 months, 6 months or even a year and be satisfied with what you did with your time?” that honestly instigated sudden motivation, if not desperation to change my life.
I don’t mean to say we must undergo terrible circumstances in order to promote drastic change, however this is my story, yours may be different but whatever the reasons are, it lead you to seriously consider starting a blog.

Subsequently, my blog took off and I made profit almost instantly. I didn’t make a ton, but it just showed me with the little knowledge I knew that with a lot more time, research, hours and effort just how easy it is to make a profitable income from home.
That is how I fell in love with the idea of dedicating my blog mostly to helping others (mostly women) reach the same success and financial independence.
I don’t have kids, yet, however I can only imagine how many women would just love to stay at home with their little ones and make a decent income form home.
After countless hours of blogging research, reading through articles, tutorials, videos, ebooks, other blogs, and trial and error, I’ve created a step-by-step guide to help you start your first  blog completely from scratch here.

I know first hand how confusing blogging can be in the very beginning. There were a thousand questions I came across starting out which I hope to help you answer.

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It’s tools like this with so much value at such a high discount why so many bloggers get access to such high end knowledge and are able to implement them into their sites making tons of profit.

First things first, let’s discuss why you should start a blog in the first place and address the things that might be holding you back from doing so.


• It’s such a fantastic way to channel your inner creativity

• You get the luxury of working from home, which is awesome if you have kids

• You can work anywhere in the world (as long as it has wifi!)

• You can help other companies promote their products, in turn gaining a committed audience to better help their needs, which helps you in the end

• You can make great connections, even friends!

• It’s one of the easiest ways anyone, even without a college degree can learn so much about for free and earn money

The list could go on of the benefits to creating a blog, those are just a few of my favorite reminders for myself when I cry or get frustrated (yes, it still happens!)



So literally all of these thoughts crossed my mind on a daily basis, I’d be lying if I said they didn’t. It took battling through each and every one of them to finally go for it.

“I don’t know a thing about blogging” or “I don’t even know what I would write about”

Needless to say, blogging can certainly be very intimidating. There is a an endless amount of content to learn, especially for those with no web design, marketing, writing, or computer background. With that all being said, it’s not impossible. There are plenty of resources available today that can help you get started and help you keep learning as you go along.

I’ve compiled a list of some of the resources that have been imperative in helping me get started. You can see that list here. Also, remember to check out my step-by-step tutorial on how to create a blog from absolute scratch. However, the biggest learning tool is working at it hands on. I could go on about how many resources I could recommend to you, but I think putting them into practice is the key to success. Plus, your going to find what sources work with you and which one’s don’t!

“My niche topic I want to write on, is too oversaturated”

That’s a fact for everything in life. Chances are that for anything you choose to do someone is already doing it, and doing it better! Sorry, but it’s true.
Blogging is competitive, I’m not going to lie.

What helped me get over this fear was to remind myself that those bloggers that are super famous, making $100,000 per month like Michelle from “Making sense of cents” all had to start somewhere. No one just ends up having millions of views and thousands of dollars in their bank account.
We all start from the beginning, so if those successful bloggers are doing it, so can you.
The best news is, you don’t need thousands of page views a month to earn a decent living, you just need a solid group of a few hundred committed readers to value your content and your off!

“I don’t have any marketing or business training”

That’s what I love about blogging, you don’t need to know literally anything.
In the world of blogging, doing step-by-step tutorials, reading ebooks, watching tutorials and all the free learning resources is basically taking a crash course in college on marketing, blogging, writing, English, business and communicating all packed into one.

So, you don’t need a fancy degree to know exactly what to do, as we all know, you can prepare and train for a job, but your real learning curve comes on site.
Same goes for blogging, your going to learn the most when you actually start doing everything.

“I am too busy”

Although I don’t have kids, I work long hours at the hospital, soon to be going to school, became a new blogger and yet I don’t feel overwhelmed.
Yes blogging takes a ton of research, once you get into your rhythm and daily routine, you’ll realize how hands off it can be at times, you absolutely can balance a job and kids at the same time.

While finding a good balance seems hard at times (with me it comes and goes), it’s not unreachable. The key is to try to set designated times for each responsibility, and allowing for some flexibility as you go along

Some days I don’t even go on my computer and that is ok.
Some people mistake blogging to two extremes, 1) being that you don’t have to really do anything and magic money will flow in or 2) your entire life will become your blog and you will never be able to have a family.
No, no and no.
Your your own boss, with blogging what you put in IS what you will get back.
I promise though you can create a schedule to balance other aspects of your life and still make profit.

“I don’t have the financial means”

Blogging doesn’t have to be expensive though.
I had the same exact misconception going in, in fact I planned to use the free site  where I would write all my posts. Although there are free websites that allow you to create a blog for free, free isn’t always best as I’m sure you know. Investing a few bucks on good products for your blog, such as web hosting for your site, is an example of an inexpensive resource that will go a long way.
I break down the actual cost of blogging here and I talk about ways to save money on your website here.
I do want to encourage you to research the dangers with using a free website to host your blog, after I read some horror stories from bloggers that are now extremely successful, I refused to go with a free site.
If you were like me and think bloggers get paid to promote web hosting, so they “have to say” how good it is, so you will save money by going with a free website then please reconsider like I did and realize bloggers aren’t necessarily saying just to make money but as an actual precaution.

“What if I fail?”

This was and sometimes is, my biggest fear that replays over in my mind constantly.
Honestly though, failing is not starting at all, in my opinion. As I said earlier, I had gone through a hard year. I was the kind of person that was always afraid to try things, because the things I did try always seemed to never work out.
I believe we fail when we allow fear to keep us from reaching our goals. That is why I never succeeded before, because I would maybe give 50-75%, impatiently “wait” for results, get disappointed when things weren’t the way I had hoped, cared WAY too much about people’s opinions, lost my identity due to certain friendships and relationships, then I would give up only to complain that nothing ever works out for me.
Yikes, still want to be my friend?
Haha, but seriously though, I had a lot of great people and resources this past summer that enabled me to completely change my thinking and I am determined to never withhold my potential ever again and neither should you.
This is how I think of it and I really hope you hear a harp playing the background and get a fuzzy feeling inside…
What’s the worst that can happen? You invested a couple hundred bucks which would have otherwise be used on Starbucks (guilty), fast food, shoes you don’t need and maybe a hair appointment. You spent time learning marketing, writing, strategies, web design and photoshop mostly for free instead of binge watching Netflix. So it doesn’t work out, you didn’t get to watch 8 episodes of The Mindy Project and you have one less pairs of shoes, so what did you really lose?
That’s literally the worst that can happen…doesn’t sound so bad after all hey?

Never in a million years did I think that blogging would be something I could make money from without having to go to school. I always loved to write, however I thought I had to sell myself as a freelance writer and take some courses. Never did I imagine I would generate a passive income stream while studying in school.
My goal is to be able to travel with my husband and passively make income, that’s my ultimate dream. What’s yours? It’s good to create realistic short-term and realistic long-term goals.

P.S: Remember, If you are looking to start a blog but have no idea where to begin, I’ve put together a step-by-step tutorial on “How to Start a Blog in 30 minutes or less” and check out my FREE blogging course on my homepage. This course will walk you through other important aspects of starting a profitable and thriving blog and how to monetize it.


Last but certainly not least

Check out these three bloggers that started a blog and with a lot of work made it big, these are the bloggers that completely changed my perception of blogging.
What helps motivate me is seeing their income reports that they post, in comparison to what their incomes were when they first started.
Had I not come across these bloggers, I can honestly say I probably would have continued to make excuses for myself as to why I shouldn’t do this right now.

What are your excuses?
Are you willing to take the leap of faith and start your own blog?

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