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Traveling can be stressful planning everything, learning a new culture or even a language, but it doesn’t have to be a ton of work.
I put together my favorite travel apps that will make your life a whole lot easier, giving you more time to actually enjoy your trip!
I included the pictures of the actual apps themselves that will make it easier for you to find when you download them!

1. Duolingo

Want to learn Spanish for your next trip to Mexico?
Then this is the perfect app for you if your traveling somewhere
where they don’t speak the language your accustom to.
The cool thing about this app is that it guides you through various levels,
building on your skills and the app is completely free!


2. XE currency

My go to place for currency conversions it’s so easy to use
and allows you to quickly know any currency conversion.


3. Splittr

I’m terrible at math and so I love this app,
especially when I’m out with friends.
This app will not only help you split bills but
it even lets you mix currencies without you having to convert the different currencies yourself.
This is by far one of my favorite travel apps.


4. Google Translate

Pretty self explanatory,
you type something you want to say selecting the language
your speaking then select the language in which you’d like what you typed to be translated to.


5. Citymapper

This app is so handy especially
when your in a totally new place.
It includes real time departures, cycle routes and more.


6. Airbnb

I’m sure everyone has heard of airbnb
but I still had to write about it anyhow because, it’s just awesome.
Make sure to add tons of filters to get the price,
place and exact details on what you want.
That’s what I love about this app,
there’s so many affordable options of neat places to stay all over the world.


7. Speak and Translate

I found this from chasingfoxes
Although I have not used this, from what I read on this article and my own research,
seems like a pretty sweet app. I would definitely purchase this next time I travel abroad.
How easy would that be to just talk into your phone and have it speak the same
language as the person your trying to communicate with? Super easy.


Found from The Krazy Coupon Lady
Easy to use app you can find that food
your craving apparently they also give out discounts which is pretty sweet!

9. Groupon

I know this isn’t necessarily a travel app,
but I recommend it because I have found so many great Groupon deals when traveling,
so I definitely had to add it to my list!


10. Tripit

You can forward your emails to the app
and it’ll do the rest for you. It’s much like
having a mini travel guide in your pocket with you at all times.
It syncs to your calendar and pulls pulls travel information from your emails as I said,
your hotels, everything into a single itinerary.

There is an endless amount of traveling apps out there,
but I wanted to pick the top 10 I think are worth everyone’s time and in turn,
these apps will save you time on your next trip!




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