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Here is a look at what is inside my “blogging tool belt”.
In this post I briefly describe the resources I use, what I love about them and how you can utilize them for your business.
For some, this may be overwhelming and I want to assure you that gradually over time you will continue to add new things.
For others, I may not have enough, which is understandable since I am new.
You can decipher what is both beneficial and applicable to your business now.
Overtime you will find what works, what doesn’t and other exciting tools to benefit your blog!

My Domain Name & Host

Yep you guess it, I use Bluehost.
I honestly don’t have any complaints about them, I could literally go on about how amazing they are.
It’s no wonder almost every blogger uses them.
I’ve literally had no issues except for a couple and the couple minor issues I had, I was able to speak with someone on the phone!
It wasn’t some silly online chat that was confusing or hard to understand.
I think for anyone new to the “blogging world” this not only is great because it’s easy to use, provides warranty but because of how awesome the customer support team is.
I honestly never had to wait long the couple times I called and they didn’t make me feel incompetent.
Here I go again and I’ll stop here, because as I said, I literally could continually boast about Bluehost.
If this is the kind of user friendly, secure and reliable company you’ve been looking for to create/host your site then check out my step-by-step tutorial on exactly how to sign up with Bluehost.



My Email Service Provider

I right away signed up with Convertkit after reading all these horror stories on how so many bloggers either
A) did not sign up with a reliable email provider, they went the “free” route and had their entire email list crash
B) was not able to transfer aaalllll their thousands of subscribers onto their new email list, like Convertkit, from their old free email list, which took literally days to transfer!!
So I realized right off the bat, I had to pay for quality and I knew it would be absolutely worth it.
I can honestly say it’s overwhelming just how helpful Convertkit is.
They have video tutorials, you can schedule your emails, they have such a supportive team to help you at anytime, they keep you update (not in an annoying way) with such helpful tools and tips.
The best part is you can specifically choose which content goes to which subscribers which is perfect if some sign up for a workshop, others sign up for a specific post, the rest just want monthly newsletters.
It’s no wonder most bloggers use Convertkit and I am so glad I went with them right away. I don’t regret it for a second.


Marketing Tools

Sometimes blogging can become super repetitive and almost turn mind numbing.
Not only that, it would be completely time consuming sitting and Pinning aaalllll your pins to different boards, all day long…
I like to use things like BoardBooster to schedule my pins for Pinterest.
Since I started using this platform, it is my highest performing traffic driver!
You can literally schedule which of your Pins go into which boards, what time, how many Pins and many more advanced details.
Also, it’s soooo inexpensive!
For Facebook I use Buffer which has seriously helped me out a ton in uploading content!
I also recommend Tailwind for spreading your Pins as well. I personally find it super easy to use and you can join Tribes!
It’s almost like group boards, but a lot of them you don’t have to send any sort of request, you can immediately join and begin to pin!
This can sometimes triple your traffic on top of your traffic from BoardBooster.
So both combined can explode exposure to your site.




I love Picmonkey¬†mainly because you literally don’t need any Photoshop skills to create awesome and professional looking pins!
It’s affordable compared to most Photoshop tools and again, it’s super easy to use.
I think what I love most about it is the “Hub” feature which allows you to save photos you make. For example if you create a Pin for your Pinterest, you can save that format if that makes sense and you can always go back, edit it, change the wording, swap the photo for something else and it cuts out your time for creating pins by SO much.


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