We’ve all encountered moments of impatience, mostly minor annoyances such as traffic jams, when Starbucks is understaffed and to hear back from that job or school.
Those trivial things are mostly cultural here in North America and won’t make or break us.
When it comes to the bigger things we are waiting on; conception of a child, justice to be served, relationships to be rekindled, to get out of dept, broken people to become whole, to meet that perfect someone, individuals to feel conviction or for abuse to stop, that’s when it becomes a little more understandable to be wanting rather then patiently waiting.
I believe God’s timing is perfect, although it mostly doesn’t make sense, it does eventually.
I can say from experience when I’ve wanted things to workout when I want (it usually doesn’t) I look back when things finally piece together the way God wanted (not me) I have been so thankful things didn’t happen on my timing.
There have been seasons of my life where I have waited very poorly, I’ve been stressed, sad, bitter, annoyed, impatient, which all distanced me from God. It’s so easy to blame God yet the true test is to trust in his timing and lean on him during those times of the unknown.
I think about the bible story about the Jews that wandered the desert for 40 years before they reached their destination. No words come to mind as I blankly stare at my wall. What an unfathomable amount of time to wait, yet our culture today likes to have things quick and easy.
When I think about a story such as that, it puts things into perspective for me.
Realistically even if I had to wait 40 years, if it’s God’s will, I should accept it and be joyful.
Easier said then done. However God’s goal isn’t to harm us, rather to save us, heal us, protect us and teach us.
If we got everything when we wanted, we would perhaps view God more as a vending machine where we can insert a prayer and get a result quick rather then the maker of the universe who loves us.
I’ve waited poorly, but the times I have had to solely depend on the unknown is when I have had to choose to wait well.
When I’ve chosen to wait well, the unknown doesn’t seem as scary, my focus shifts from my selfish wants to just being in God’s presence.

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