“I have nothing to wear!”, “These clothes don’t fit me like they used to..”, “What in the world will I wear tonight!?”, any of these sound familiar? Sure it does. Any and every girl has had thoughts like these cross their paths at some point or another.

If thoughts like these never have crossed your mind, I commend you for being the small percentage of North American women to be 100% grateful and satisfied with your closet attire. No sarcasm intended, I’m seriously saying, good job!
This isn’t to say that the rest of us are ungrateful, middle class snobs.
I hate to belittle it, it’s just become the way of North American culture. Not solely based on clothes per say, but we tend to complain more about “silly” things then countries with lesser fortunes.
Every heard of “First world problems?” said in a jokingly matter to sugar coat and excuse a complaint?
Someone very dear to me whom I lost, would challenge me on various things throughout the first 20 years of my life.
One of them being the “Clothes Complaint Challenge”. Let’s just call it the 3 C’s.
If your willing, I encourage anyone reading this to try this “3 C’s challenge”, even for just a month, or until you utter your first clothing complaint.
Every time from this day forth that you have one complaint about your wardrobe, even the simplest one, you must throw an article of clothing away.
I’m not at all suggesting the new lulu lemons you bought, unless you want to!
I’m suggesting something that isn’t warn very often, the little shirt tucked away in the back, the pants that don’t quite fit anymore, the dress you’ve hoped to wear 2 summers in a row, or the sweater that’s gone out of style. Anything you haven’t warn in the past couple months. Just one article of clothing. That’s all.
Throw it in a bag, leave it there. Don’t take it out. Resist!
Now every time you make a complaint continue to fill up that bag of clothing.
Once full, or relatively full, I encourage you to bring the bag to a local charity of your choice. (Vallue Village, Bibles for Missions..) any second hand store of your choice.
This serves as your “punishment”, which really isn’t a punishment at all, because the clothing aren’t articles of clothing that have been warn often or in some cases at all. You’ve been tricked into thinking you have nothing to wear. Yet I promise even a garbage bag or two of clothes, you will STILL have ample of clothes left over. Really, it’s more then the average amount other women have in rural areas.
This experience, I found, was so rewarding.
Despite me thinking I had absolutely nothing to wear, to my dismay, I had a full, I mean full garbage bag of clothes in it.
All items I never really wore, yet I “never had anything to wear..?”
It was such a big eye opener seeing my garbage back getting more full as the weeks went on.
It’s a complaint gauge really, because every article of clothing in there is attached to a complaint.
It’s so eye opening, or at least was for me, to see how truly blessed I am to live in a first world country. A place with so much opportunities, options, experiences and yet I complained so much about something so silly like, clothes!
It’s just a fun little challenge with big rewards. So many people can benefit from cheap clothing.
Remember that saying, “One man’s trash, is another man’s treasure?”
Let’s flip it and say in this case, “One woman’s old forgotten article of clothing, is another women’s brand new and exciting article of clothing!”
So what say you? Shall we challenge ourselves for a short while and take up the June challenge of the the 3 C’s?
Think of it as, late, late spring cleaning with benefits for not only yourself, but for others!
Good luck 🙂

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